Wild Heaven – The Song (free download)

So, um, crazy. Atlanta band The Floating Coats wrote a song called “Wild Heaven” about us. It’s a raucous bar tune with pretty funny lyrics that also namecheck fellow Atlanta-area beer peeps LEONs Full Service, Brick Store Pub, Empire Package and Ale Yeah!

So enjoy this free track – and thanks for Serving Your Neighbor. Cheerio!


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  1. Jack Reynolds
    Jack Reynolds says:

    Great Beer, Ode to mercy, tremendous flavor, can’t wait to check them all out. Please distribute to Smoke Rise Bottle Shop.

  2. aaron jermundson
    aaron jermundson says:

    This past September, a friend & myself went into a very classy bar & grill in Virgina Hylands ( next to a TACO MEX ) in the heart of Atlanta. The waiter recommended I try Wild Heaven draft, when I inquired if they any thing better than Guinness or Ft. Garry ( a Manitoba dark brew ). My two favorites drafts of all time! Presto, he served me a WILD HEAVEN and indeed it is! Every other week I visit grand kids in Roswell & Alpharetta,GA and would die for a chance to purchase WILD HEAVEN much closer at an eatery or bar. I am a 70 yr old triathlete who allows myself a treat beyond all my nutrition & health foods fetishes. It is your Wild Heaven just a marathon reward run past the Pearly Gates!


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