A Building for a Brewery

View of the future home of Wild Heaven BeerWe’ve got some pretty big news. In early January, Wild Heaven signed a lease on an 8,000 square foot building (yep, the one above) to be our future home. It’s nestled right on the border between Decatur & Avondale Estates. We’re thrilled that our brewery will be part of the burgeoning Decatur beer scene and yet also call Avondale Estates home.

So we’re sure your first question is: When will you be open? We’re targeting sometime in the first half of 2012. The city of Avondale Estates has already zoned the building for our use as a brewery, authorizing tours and tastings. They’ve also amended the noise ordinance so that we can have bands come play during those tours, where you will be able to taste and enjoy whatever Eric’s been working on. Big fun to come (and we expect our friends around the corner at Paste Magazine to be rather helpful in the music department!). We can’t wait, but we’ll take our time—to be sure we create a place you’ll want to visit often.

This will be a busy year: We’re working on packaging right now in order to have our 12oz bottles out by springtime. We’re planning 4-packs for both Ode To Mercy and Invocation. Oh, and we’re working on a third beer. Well, a fourth, too, but you’ll have to wait and hear more on those later. For now, here’s a teaser detail from the Ode To Mercy label:

Ode To Mercy Bottle Label Detail

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  1. Kamden Robb
    Kamden Robb says:

    Hey Nick!

    Congrats on the new digs. Big fan of your Invocation Ale! Going to buy a 4-pack at Hop City this weekend.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am the Account Manager for Gas South in Decatur & Avondale. I work with lots of businesses in the neighborhood, including Brick Store Pub, Leon’s, Farm Burger, Feast, and others. Let me know when you are ready to get your natural gas service turned on. I can help get that process exedited for you & get you set up on a low commercial rate plan.



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