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Successful Alabama Rollout!

We (me, Nick and Eric) spent a couple days in Alabama the Beautiful earlier in November launching Invocation & Ode To Mercy in Birmingham and Huntsville.  The Birmingham rollout was a smashing success with every single account that was offered the beer saying yes – we keep hearing this phrase when someone tastes it for […]

We’ve Been Busy But Not Posting

So one of these days we’ll have someone whose job it is to put things on the site all the time.  Meantime, it’s just the one of us.  We wanted to make mention of all the places that have added Wild Heaven – it’s over 50 total and we just launched a month ago!  And […]

Alabama Delay, A Fun Video & New Locations in Georgia

The first week of selling Wild Heaven in Georgia has been amazing.  We’ve met lots of beer lovers and keep hearing “so-and-so was sold out of Wild Heaven” – a good problem, we think.  And it kind of is a problem – demand has been so strong that we’re being forced to push back our […]

Kind of a Flying Start

It’s been a splendid first few days of being in business.  We’ve been hearing GREAT feedback from all over Atlanta – both Invocation and Ode To Mercy seem to be hits.  Maybe too much – we’re sorry if you hit one of the places listed on our Locator and found them to be out of […]

Wild Heaven Beer Launches in Georgia

Last night, Georgia celebrated its newest beer company—Wild Heaven Beer—with a launch party at the Southeast’s Mecca for beer lovers, the Brick Store Pub. Wild Heaven is the brainchild of Nick Purdy, founding publisher of award-winning Paste magazine, with recipes developed by brewmaster Eric Johnson of Athens’ acclaimed Trappeze Pub. “Our goal is nothing less […]

Wild Heaven Unveiled at Decatur’s Brick Store Pub

Earlier this evening, something amazing happened.  A new Georgia craft beer company was born.  Friends and beer lovers enjoyed glasses of the first commercially available batches of our two launch beers, INVOCATION (a Belgian-style Golden Ale) and ODE TO MERCY (an imperial brown with 1000 Faces coffee).  It was a great night nearly 3 years […]