Chris Richards

Events Director, West End

Drawn to Wild Heaven's "Serve Your Neighbor" ideology, Chris Richards' values and dedication to community engagement have made Wild Heaven a seamless fit. As Events Director, Richards is responsible for the planning and execution of all private events at Wild Heaven West End, encompassing everything from sales, contract writing, vendor relations, and much more. As a thoughtful and enthusiastic communicator, Richards aspires to build long-lasting relationships and deliver unforgettable experiences. Regardless of guest count, from 25 to 500 attendees, Chris strives to surpass all expectations and ensure an outstanding experience for each individual.

Richards takes her passion for relationship-based experiences into her personal life as support for the local arts scene. Whether the canvas is that of a finely crafted meal and cocktail to Atlanta's vibrant local music scene or even going so far as to collaborate with arts organizations over the years, including Living Walls, WonderRoot, MINT Gallery, Facet Gallery, and Forward Warrior- Richards embraces opportunity.