Russ Thompson

GM, West End

Originally from Florence Alabama, Russ moved to Georgia in 2008 and proudly calls Georgia “home.” Currently, in his 12th year of teaching, Russ teaches Elementary Music at Talley Street Elementary/Fifth Ave Elementary for the City Schools of Decatur. Prior to teaching elementary music, Russ taught high school band for 10 years at Duluth High School and Woodland High School.

Russ' first Wild Heaven Beer was Ode to Mercy in 2014 and he made Wild Heaven Beer a staple in his fridge. In his spare time he enjoys; running, cooking, grilling, reading, college football (WAR EAGLE!!!), MLB Baseball (Go Braves!!), and, most importantly, spending as much time as he can with his son Nicholas, 10, and his daughter MaKayla, 18, who will be attending Kennesaw State University beginning Fall 2021!

Russ' favorite Wild Heaven beers: Altair, Currancy, and Lotus Pose