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Emergency Drinking Beer

Pils-style Session Ale

4.4% ABV

A one-of-a-kind session beer reminiscent of a crisp pilsner married with a traditional gose. Brightness and complexity come from additions of citrus zest, Portuguese sea salt and lemongrass.


ATL Easy Ale

Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

The craft beer for everyone, especially everyone in the ATL. A lightly-hopped, unbitter pale ale with just enough sweetness to help you Hold It Down, A-Town. Created originally with our friends at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Standard Deluxe Lager

German-style Lager

5% ABV

An easygoing, easy-drinking German-style lager designed to be your go-to for all seasons — a beer that taste’s like beer in all the right ways. Inspired by our friends at Standard Deluxe, Waverly, Alabama’s extra-fine screen print shop & live music venue.



Pub Ale

4.2% ABV

Bestie is a delicious session Pub Ale brewed in collaboration with England’s Arundel Brewery, Wild Heaven Beer and Robert Merrick of Atlanta’s 9 Mile Station. Built on the backbone of a traditional Standard Pub Ale with our own twist added, Bestie is designed to be a flavor-forward, yet easy-drinking beer. It is medium amber in color with light hints of peat and dark fruits and finishes crisp and clean with lingering floral hops.



India Pale Ale

6.2% ABV

Altair features a bright hop flavor without bitterness from Mosaic Lupulin powder plus generous amounts of Citra and Idaho 7 hops to create an IPA that flies like an eagle.


White Blackbird

Belgian-style Saison

6% ABV

Our Belgian Saison is brewed with generous amounts of pink peppercorns to accentuate the herbal, earthy, spicy notes of this amazing yeast. Korean pears marinated in Chardonnay and are added to the fermentation. The result is a host of savory flavors melding together into a wonderful new spin on a well-known style. Finishes dry with woody earthy hints and elegantly well rounded fruit and spice notes.


Wise Blood IPA

India Pale Ale

6.8% ABV

Our long-awaited India Pale Ale bursts with lush tropical fruit flavors and hints of apricot, melon and bright, sweet orange. Wise Blood IPA starts with a vibrant hop aroma and finishes dry and clean with lingering notes of pine and citrus.

Suggested food pairings: Wings, fish & chips, Tomme-style cheese, brunch (the citrus picks up nicely), burgers.

seasonal series



Emergency Drinking Beer Watermelon Blend

4% ABV

Fruit Beer

Our most popular beer, Emergency Drinking Beer plus fresh juiced watermelons. The perfect crisp summer beer, our team hand juices watermelons to create an authentic watermelon flavor, with nothing artificial. Available June-August.



Belgian-style Golden Ale

8.5% ABV

We brew our Strong Golden Ale all-grain, giving it a deep and complex taste.

Belgian aromatic malts add hints of dried fruit, while generous Noble and West Coast hops deliver an earthy spiciness. It finishes semi-dry with lingering tropical fruits and spicy notes from Belgian yeast.

Suggested food pairings: Roasted chicken, grilled pork chops, salmon, Portobello mushrooms, Gouda or Gruyere cheese.



Emergency Drinking Beer Berry Blend

4% ABV

Fruit Beer

As Fall rolls in, EDB adds a touch of color with a blend of berry purees. Raspberry, boysenberry, blueberry and cranberry come together to create a complex yet light berry flavor unlike anything we’ve ever tasted. Available September through November.


Ode to Mercy

Coffee Brown Ale

7.2% ABV

What could possibly be better than the combination of deep roasted malts, coffee, oak, and a smooth, creamy finish? All of those things dosed with liquid Nitrogen, of course.

Ode To Mercy overflows with bold flavors woven into a very balanced and approachable beer that finishes with creamy lingering hints of oak, coffee (specially blended by Atlanta, GA’s Land of 1000 Hills), and roasted goodness. Bright citrus hops peek through from time to time, adding additional layers of complexity. Finished with Nitrogen, Nitrode has a beautifully layered flavor and an incredibly smooth mouthfeel.


Fest Beer


5.5% ABV

Our fall seasonal is crisp and malty inspired by classic Oktoberfest beers. Brewed with traditional European Noble hops, it’s the perfect beer to celebrate the return of Fall.



Emergency Drinking Beer Citrus Blend

4% ABV

Fruit Beer

Our most popular beer, Emergency Drinking Beer plus juice from limes, white grapefruit and Ruby Red grapefruit. Not a traditional “winter" beer, EDB Citrus celebrates winter’s bounty of fresh citrus harvests. Available December through February.



Belgian-style Quadrupel Ale

10.5% ABV

How about a big, malty beer that evokes a good red wine and with a drier finish than you’d expect at 10.5% ABV?

Eschaton is a one-of-a-kind oaked all-malt Quadrupel (or “Belgian Strong Dark” if you prefer) that abounds with dark fruit and pit fruit flavors as well as earthy spiciness. Vanilla oak and warm viniferous notes assert themselves as the beer warms to reveal additional layers of delicious complexity.

Suggested food pairings: Lamb, rabbit, duck, Stilton cheese, Belgian chocolate, tart fruit desserts.

WH-WinterOde-UpdatedRendering-Front (1).png

Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale

Bourbon Brown Ale

8.2% ABV

Each year a special batch of our Ode To Mercy Coffee Brown Ale gets special treatment. We age it on bourbon barrel chips to take an already rich and delicious beer and make it truly decadent, without being overwhelming. Perfect as the holidays roll around, Ode To Mercy Special Winter Ale is our longest running seasonal, having launched in 2010. Available in 4 packs of 12 OZ. cans and on draft (no nitro on this one, sorry!).



Emergency Drinking Beer Tropical Blend

4% ABV

Fruit Beer

As the weather warms in spring, we blend Emergency Drinking Beer with fresh purees of guava, passionfruit and pineapple. A taste of the islands without excess sweetness. Available March through May.



Double India Pale Ale

8.5% ABV

Designed to showcase some of the most exciting new hop varieties, Goodvice is bursting with tropical fruits and big piney earth hop goodness. Brewed with Lupulin powder and nearly 8 pounds of hops per barrel, it is a hophead’s dream and a showcase for this delicious and noble ingredient.


season 1


Garden Beer

Golden Ale

6% ABV

A floral golden ale created in collaboration with the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Garden Beer features hibiscus flowers, lemongrass and Makrut lime leaves. Built to showcase the flavors of the season, new editions will release 2-3 times per year. More seasons to come.

season 2


Garden Beer

Golden Ale

6% ABV

Our second collaboration with the Atlanta Botanical Garden features peaches, scuppernongs and basil. This delicious and lively beer drinks like a classic fall beer.


barrel-aged fruited-sours


Joni portrait with cherries-01.jpg


Barrel-aged Sour No. 2

5.5% ABV

The make Joni, the second in our series of barrel-aged fruited sours, Brewmaster Eric Johnson started with his house golden ale base. It was primary fermented clean in stainless steel before transferred to Bordeaux wine barrels and inoculation with souring bacteria and aged for over a year. 40 pounds of cherries were added to each barrel and aged further. Each barrel produces unique flavor characteristics and only a few were hand-selected to create the tart, light, beautiful final beer, Joni.


Southern Symphony

Southern Symphony – A Collaboration with Cigar City Brewing

5.8% ABV

Southern Symphony is a barrel-aged Brett beer. Three different base lager batches brewed with three different hop schedules and then aged in three kinds of barrels (wine, gin, and spirit) with the addition of two native Georgia grapes, scuppernongs and muscadines – one grape variety per barrel. Forty-five barrels, nearly every one unique. Oh, and the fruit additions were fermented with two different strains of brettanomyces. Hello, funky. A total of 38 of the 45 barrels made the final blend, with perhaps thirty of those barrels being a unique combination of inputs.

And that final blend? Imagine a rich, woody white wine with all the beautiful funkiness of a brett beer. It’s a one-of-a-kind. It will only be made this one time and we are grateful Cigar City Brewing and brewmaster Wayne Wambles for working with us to create such a tribute to creativity and innovation.



Barrel-aged Sour No. 1

5.5% ABV

Emmylou is a blend of eighteen, sixteen and twelve-month old Bordeaux barrel-aged golden ale fermented with brettanomyces and lactobacillus and refermented with cantaloupe, golden gooseberry, D’Anjou pears, Asian persimmon and kumquat.

Mavis hero.jpg


Barrel-aged Sour No. 3

5.5% ABV

To make Mavis, the third in our series of barrel-aged fruited sours, Brewmaster Eric Johnson started with his house golden ale base. Mavis is a mixed fermentation blend of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus aged in Bordeaux barrels. Each barrel received an addition of a single fruit, blackberry, raspberry, or cranberry, and aged from 24-30 months in the wood. Each barrel produces unique flavor characteristics and only a few were selected and blended together to create Mavis.


on hiatus



English-style Barley Wine Ale

12% ABV | 50 IBU

Civilization is an English-style barley wine made resplendent with the addition of dried Prussian lemons, tart cherries, cranberries and cocoa nibs. Dark fruit flavor abounds with roasted goodness in each sip with hints of melon and tropical aromas. A long, lingering finish evokes fresh bread and mellow pit fruit.

Suggested food pairings: Game, dessert, chocolate, candied fruits.


Height of Civilization

English-style Barley Wine Ale

12% ABV | 50 IBU

We brew our Civilization ale with dried Prussian lemons, hibiscus, tart cherries and craberries, and finish it with cocoa nibs. We couldn’t resist the idea of taking all that complexity a step further and aged some of it in Dulce Vida tequila barrels. The result may just be the Height of Civilization.


Dionysus Cuvee

Wild Ale

10.5% ABV | 24 IBU

Dionysus Cuvee is a barrel-aged wild ale based on our Eschaton quadrupel, blended with five additional unique barrel-aged wild ales. Oak and wine notes combine with a mild tartness and the underlying sweetness from the quad base to create a delicate yet big-flavored beer.



Smoked Wild Ale

7% ABV | 7 IBU

A truly new beer style is a rare thing. Funkenrauch is born of brewmaster Eric Johnsons’s obsession with understanding beer on a molecular level. A 100% smoked malt beer shouldn’t be so bright and light – but the addition of Drie Fonteinen brettanomyces eats up much of the smoky phenols that could have overwhelmed the palate, leaving behind a sour smoked ale that is unlike any we’ve ever tried.


Gravitational Wave

Russian Imperial Stout

14% ABV

‘Grav’ is our Russian Imperial Stout brewed with smoked cocoa nibs from Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate and a generous portion of fresh raspberries. This is a big, complex beer– as decadent as the universe is mysterious.