Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival ticket giveaway!


Wild Heaven Beer has partnered up with Ford Fry Restaurants again this year to provide beer for the 8th annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival on July 17th at Park Tavern. We’ve got three beautiful can designs full of delicious beer to bring. Here’s to hoping they’ll make it in some iconic photos on the 17th.

In an effort to contain our excitement, we’re giving away 2 tickets to the festival! Win these tickets by simply sharing a photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #wildtomatoheaven. The photo must include an Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival logo or any Ford Fry restaurant logo/matches/postcard AND a Wild Heaven beer (draft, can or bottle). You can get all of these props at any Ford Fry Restaurant! Be creative!

To make sure your photo is included in the final submission selection on Facebook, please edit the privacy settings on your post to public:

wildtomatoheaven privacy-01

Keep in mind, if you have a private account on Instagram we can’t see your post and it won’t be visible for us to judge. Consider sharing it through a different platform if you’d prefer not to change your privacy settings.

A winner will be announced on Friday, 7/15 at 4pm– with just enough time for you to clear your Sunday afternoon for Wild Tomato Heaven!

Nick Purdy