Freedom & Competitiveness

Friends of Wild Heaven & Craft Beer in Georgia:

We note with great interest the aggressive move made yesterday in South Carolina (read about it here). This new “Stone Bill” allows all South Carolina brewers new rights that we in Georgia do not have, making our breweries less competitive. Georgia, supposedly the most business-friendly state in the South, continues to artificially constrain the ability of craft brewers to operate profitable businesses. Today we’ll be pointing our esteemed state representatives and senators to the article linked above and asking them this simple question: “Will you be a part of keeping Georgia #craftbeer competitive with South Carolina?” Watch @beerwildheaven today and feel free to join in. Yep, it’s a lot of Tweets, and pardon us for that, but after discussion with industry colleagues, we believe it’s an important issue at a critical time. Thanks!

Nick Purdy