Georgia’s First Canned Nitro Beer

We’re really thrilled to announce the release of Ode To Mercy Nitro Coffee Brown Ale. This new canned version is both slightly lower than original Ode To Mercy (down to 7.2% from 8.2% ABV) and is packaged on nitrogen – creating a brighter coffee flavor and an amazing mouthfeel.

We did it with a new dosing technology that doesn’t require the use of widgets or balls or anything else. Just a regular 12 ounce can. Don’t believe it? Check out the video below to see the magic happen. It’s so great, we’ve decided to stop bottling the regular version so going forward, this IS Ode To Mercy. Cheers!

Available in stores now in Georgia, Chattanooga & Nashville.

Nitrode Can Release – HD 1080p from Angela Riley on Vimeo.

Nick Purdy