Kallisto IPA


Kallisto is the latest in our ongoing series of experimental IPAs. Calista is the name of a new German hop that is a wonderful blend of bright melons, pear, tropical notes, and floral noble hops… So, we named this IPA “Kallisto,” after the Greek virgin who was seduced by Zeus– the origin story of the Ursa Major constellation. At 7%, Kallisto features a similar soft water profile (like our Double IPA, Goodvice) which accentuates the aromatics and flavor of the hop while minimizing the potential bitterness.

On draft starting Wednesday, September 20 at 4pm, with cans releasing noon, Saturday, September 23 (limit 1 case per).

Brewmaster Eric Johnson created this one a couple months ago and we kept bugging him to make it again. Maybe you had it around town or in our Taproom? By the moon and the stars, it happened– Calista, reborn as Kallisto is back. AND we’ve got up to 100 cases (we’ll know exactly later Wednesday when we can it!) of 12 ounce cans available at the brewery this Saturday, 9/23. We’re opening early at noon, scoot by to grab ’em and go– or stash ’em in the car and hang out for a bit!

Nick Purdy