New Emergency Drinking Beer Seasonal Series!


For 2019, Wild Heaven Beer announces that along with the eagerly awaited rollouts of ATL Easy Ale and Standard Deluxe Lager, we’re expanding our flagship Emergency Drinking Beer brand to include a series of seasonal fruited versions. We launch with Citrus Blend, our winter seasonal in January, followed by Tropical Blend in spring, the return of the already beloved Watermelon Blend for summer and this fall, the introduction of Berry Blend.

It all started back in back in September of 2016 when Executive VP Sarah Young was working with our good pals at Fox Bros BBQ on a beer lineup for a Labor Day tap takeover. They wanted a special, one-off beer in the mix and Sarah, a fan (to put it mildly) of their summer watermelon margaritas, thought well, “Hot damn, let’s do something with watermelon as a nod to their RIDONK summer watermelon margs. They are seriously the best, and hand-juiced melons (pain in the you know what!) make the difference. I even copy their recipe at home and you can buy the watermelon juice by the gallon from them during the summer, score. So, I took the idea back to Eric and we made a couple kegs, the rest is juicy-dank history.”

It’s true. Summer of 2017 saw the wide release of Watermelon EDB on draft – our fastest selling keg ever, followed by the release of cans this past summer, which sold as fast as our team could cut and juice that many watermelons. For the beer geeks out there wondering how we use fresh juice and keep the cans shelf stable, Brewmaster Eric isn’t telling how he does it, but it’s all natural and maintains the real fruit flavor unlike any other beers we’ve tried.

Emergency Drinking Beer Citrus Blend, launching late January around Georgia, adds fresh lime juice along with both white grapefruit (for complexity) and Ruby Red grapefruit (for sweetness) juice. Tropical Blend incorporates passionfruit, mango and pineapple juices. Watermelon is famously made by hand in our brewery as we hand cut and juice thousands of watermelons all summer. Berry Blend features acai, cranberry and other seasonal berries for autumn-time refreshment.

Emergency Drinking Beer Citrus Blend builds on the success of Emergency Drinking Beer, which launched in 2015 to great fanfare. “EDB” as it’s called is a 4.4% ABV pilsner-style beer with sea salt and lemongrass. Featuring iconic art, it quickly became a sensation around Atlanta and has since expanded throughout Georgia and beyond to Tennessee and Alabama.

The EDB Seasonal calendar will repeat annually, with only one style manufactured at one time. The flagship EDB continues year-round, with 16-ounce cans being added to the lineup in 2019.

Nick Purdy