Successful Alabama Rollout!

We (me, Nick and Eric) spent a couple days in Alabama the Beautiful earlier in November launching Invocation & Ode To Mercy in Birmingham and Huntsville. The Birmingham rollout was a smashing success with every single account that was offered the beer saying yes – we keep hearing this phrase when someone tastes it for the first time – “This beer sells itself.” Whew, well that makes life easier. Our Tour de Birmingham included the Parkside Cafe, a visit with Marylee at the Paste-approved music venue the Bottletree Cafe, the very groovy Avo & Dram (thanks Tom & Brett!), Wild Heaven arrives in Birmingham, ALNick over at Mafioza’s is literally adding a new tap so he can add Ode To Mercy to accompany his amazing (smelling – we didn’t get to eat) pizza lineup and some time with Jeremy at Rogue Tavern. Then we had evening events with both beers on tap at Todd Beagle’s On Tap – Lakeside location and finally at Birmingham’s premier beer bar, the J. Clyde, where we had a chance to set with owner Jerry Hartley and his lovely pooch. Thanks to Duran from Birmingham Beverage for showing us around all day.

Then it was off to the rocket city, Huntsville. Hadn’t been there in a long time. I almost called my friend’s mom for the greatest chocolate chip cookies in the world, but since he’s stuck living in Maine, I didn’t want to taunt him so we just hit the places we hoped might want to serve Wild Heaven.

We of course started and ended our day at The Nook, managed by the irrepressible Beverly Dufour who has more tap boxes scattered around her establishment than I’ve ever seen – check out this insane draft list.

After The Nook we dropped by new beer-heavy restaurant 1892 East which features a bread made with spent grain from a local Huntsville brewery. Troy Moore kindly interrupted a wine tasting to try our beers and loved them and we are honored to be a part of their inaugural beer lineup! Tom Yack at 801 Franklin flipped out over Ode To Mercy and found a way to incorporate Wild Heaven into his limited 3-tap beer lineup. Bill Johnston at venerated liquor store (now beer haven) Liquor Express welcomed us and you’ll be soon be able to buy Wild Heaven ON DRAFT TO-GO at his fine establishment. We can’t even do that in Georgia! Jealous! After stops to greet Joe Moore at Tortora‘s and Mike at Mason’s Pub, we settled in for the evening at The Nook, where members of Alabama’s beer-freedom fighters Free The Hops joined us to celebrate our Huntsville arrival. Plus, we got to hear the way it should be from Nook owner Connell Allen – we need more guys like this. All in all, a great time in Alabama! We’ll be at more places, like Stem & Stein in Huntsville and The Alcove in Tuscaloosa soon, from what we’re told. Where should Wild Heaven go next?

Nick Purdy