We’ll take that bet!


Super Bowl LI is this weekend, and we’re real pumped over here at Wild Heaven Beer. Our #ATLFALCONS will take on the New England Patriots this Sunday in Houston, Texas. We’re real pumped and real confident too.

When Boston’s Harpoon Brewery reached out to us to see if we were up to make things a little bit more interesting— yep, you bet we were.

Here’s the wager: if the Patriots’s win, we’ll be enjoying Harpoon IPA. If the Falcons win, Harpoon will tap a keg of White Blackbird Saison in their “employee lounge”–whatever that is. The beer from the “winning” brewery will be sent to the “losing” brewery the Monday after the game.

We know y’all are just gonna love our White BlackBIRD Saison, Harpoon!

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Nick Purdy