Without Further Ado…We’re Opening for Business on 6/13


Well, neighbors. The time has finally come for y’all to come and visit us at our Avondale Estates home!

Please join us in our grand opening weekend as we debut two brand new beers, along with the the other year-round offerings you’ve come to know and love.

» Get your tickets here, they’re going fast. $12 gets you a branded Wild Heaven goblet and 6 tasting tokens.

Tours will run from 5:30 to 8PM on Fridays, 2 – 5PM on Saturdays and 2 – 4PM on Sundays. More info here.

So, here’s the opening lineup on Friday, 6/13 at 5:30:

NEW! White Blackbird, Belgian-style Saison, 6.2%

NEW! Civilization, English-style Barleywine, 12.0%

Let There Be Light, American Pale Ale, 4.7%

Invocation, Belgian-style Golden Ale, 8.5%

Ode to Mercy, Imperial Brown Ale, 8.2%

Eschaton, Belgian-style Quadrupel Ale, 10.5%

Nick Purdy