Field of Dreams…Have (Ode to) Mercy!

Image courtesy of Reid Ramsay, Taken on the outdoor patio at Seven Lamps.

Image courtesy of Reid Ramsay, Taken on the outdoor patio at Seven Lamps.

So have you been to Seven Lamps yet? For those that know, there are MANY, many reasons to go check it out…but we have one in particular that we’re quite excited about; one that involves our Imperial Brown Ale Ode to Mercy (and we’re not just talking beer here).

The uber-talented Arianne Fielder, Head Mixtress (or ‘Beverage Manager’ if you prefer) at Seven Lamps, has developed a beer cocktail using Ode to Mercy and it’s called ‘Field of Dreams’. And Arianne knows a thing or two about beer-tails, people. Back when she was head bartender at Ormsby’s, she created the first-ever beer cocktail menu in the South. You may have also seen her heading up the bar at Southern Art’s Bourbon Bar or maybe at Atlanta’s oldest bar, Five Paces Inn.

Take all those years of experience and you’ve got a mastermind for mixing. So, what’s in this incredible beer-tail, you ask? Here’s the recipe, straight from the Mixtress herself:

What You’ll Need

– 1.5 ounce Kentucky Vintage bourbon

– .25 ounce Shrub and Co ginger shrub

– .5 ounce rosemary infused sorghum syrup

– 3 ounces Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy


Combine bourbon, shrub, sorghum and beer in mixing glass. Stir to release carbonation. Add ice and shake. Strain into a cocktail coupe and garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig.

We’ve had a chance to try this divine concoction out and boy, it’s a home run. Go check it out for yourself and tell Arianne we sent you. Cheers!

Nick Purdy