Our beloved Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Eschaton, is now in cans. Yes, cans.

The devil didn’t make us do it, cans are just better.

With the introduction of Eshcaton in cans, our entire core portfolio is now fully transitioned from 12 ounce bottles. (What, you didn’t see the launch videos for Nitro Ode To Mercy & Invocation?)

Eschaton (Ess-kuh-ton) is a big, malty beer that evokes a good red wine and with a drier finish than you’d expect at 10.5% ABV.

Eschaton is a one-of-a-kind oaked all-malt Belgian-style Quadrupel that abounds with dark fruit and pit fruit flavors as well as earthy spiciness. Vanilla oak and warm viniferous notes assert themselves as the beer warms to reveal additional layers of delicious complexity.

Find 12 oz cans at all of the accounts listed below. NOTE: You might want to call ahead and make sure they still have it available before you make a trip.

Nick Purdy